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Learn about the common STIs. Find out the symptoms to look out for and how to get tests and treatment to manage your sexual health.


Find the right birth control for you. Our in-depth guides to all 14 contraception methods tell you all about the side effects, pros and cons of each method.

Sexual health advice

Beyond contraception and STIs, there's a lot that can affect your sexual health. Take care of your sexual wellbeing with information from our experts.

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Our team are supportive, approachable and never judgmental. Our services are free and discreet.

A partnership between HCRG Care Group and SH:24

Your local in-person services are delivered by HCRG Care Group. Online services are delivered by SH:24.

Improving access to sexual and reproductive health services

Our services are open to everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality, background. Everyone is welcome.

The Sexual Health Hub is commissioned by local authorities and works closely with partners, like SH:24, local GPs, pharmacies and VCSE agencies, to provide advice and services around contraception, relationships, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) and abortion.